There’s No Place Like Rome is a low-magic, low-fantasy Roman-flavored game.

In the year 117 AD, the Legio II Dacica was making the return sail to Rome with the cremains of the late Emperor Trajan. Midway through the voyage, a great storm appeared overhead, seemingly out of nowhere. Twelve ships, containing legionnaires, merchants, slaves, camp followers, and their beasts, hunkered down to weather the storm. When at last the clouds lifted, the people were astounded to find themselves in a new world, filled with terrors unknown.

It is now the year 1524 AR (After Rome), and the descendants of the Legio II Dacica have carved great cities out of the wilderness. An uneasy peace has settled over the land in the last sixty years, but there are those who spread rumor that peace will soon be disrupted.

As a member of the Emperor’s elite task force, The Agitators, it is up to you to ensure the light of the Rhodesian Empire never fades.

There's No Place Like Rome

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